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Success of the specialist in the field of Investment Consulting is directly proportional to the capital increase of his clients. Clients of One & Only Holdings are high-net-worth individuals, who have entrusted us with managing their assets for years.
High professionalism of our team guarantees a perfect assessment of the market and the selection of the best solutions for a successful and profitable deal. In addition, our relationships with highly qualified lawyers give us confidence in the contracts signed by our customers.


Representative in Russia
Saint-Petersburg, Sinopskaya embankment, h. 22 office 431

mob. +7 (911) 111-4448
mob. +7 (921) 915-5444
Vladimir Podvalnyi

Office in USA
18 East 48th Street, suite 702
New York, NY 10017
Tel. +1 (212) 505-0200
Fax. +1 (212) 406-0796
Gennady Perepada
mob. +1 (917) 803-0700

About us

One & One & Only Holdings is a team of professionals fully committed their business. We offer a multilevel portfolio of services supporting international real estate transactions in New York. Representing the interests of individuals and corporations around the world, our clients trust us to buy or sell apartments, houses and commercial buildings in the premium segment of the New York’s real estate market.

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